Zoey came to Learning Technics exhibiting signs of dyslexia and struggling with reading and mathematics.

Zoey gained 2 grade levels in reading comprehension and is reading on grade level for the first ever! Her math scores have gone from around 40% to consistently getting scores in the high 80% and 90%.

Through the process of Physio-Neuro Therapy (PNT), Zoey found the tools she needed to thrive academically. The PNT exercises, while challenging, began to work Zoey’s brain in an entirely new way that finally impacted her academics in a positive manner. Since working with learning Technics, Zoey’s reading comprehension has improved dramatically. No longer behind, she is currently reading at grade level and has caught up to her peers. After completing her Physio-Neuro Therapy (PNT), she not only reached her reading goals but she no longer struggles with taking tests. Her math scores have improved dramatically, increasing from around 40% to consistently scoring in the high 80% to 90%. Zoey even went from speaking novice Chinese to her target goal of intermediate in both speaking and comprehending Chinese. PNT empowered Zoey with the tools not only to catch up with her peers but to excel academically. The countless hours Zoey used to spend studying are now filled by her hobbies such as hiking and gardening.

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“Before finding Learning Technics, Zoey struggled with reading, math and taking tests. Now she loves to read books on her own, without even being told to read! We are so thankful for the tools and resources provided by Physio-Neuro Therapy.”