Success Story: Amberly

Success Story: ADD ADHD Dyslexia Treatment

Amberly came to Learning Technics exhibiting signs of dyslexia and struggling with reading comprehension, spelling, and ability to focus.

After finishing the Learning Technics program, Amberly was reading fluently at grade level, improved 2 grade levels in spelling and achieved grade level in mathematics.

Through the process of Physio-Neuro Therapy (PNT), Amberly learned how to focus in an academic setting. The PNT exercises, while challenging, began to work Amberly’s brain in an entirely new way that finally impacted Amberly’s academics in a positive manner. At first, the process of Physio-Neuro Therapy was challenging for Amberly. This was unlike any other method of teaching they had ever encountered. In fact, it didn’t feel like teaching at all. Through a series of physical exercises, Amberly would work through her academic lessons all the while developing new neurological brain cells. Amberly’s mother was dedicated to the Learning Technics process, and in just a short amount time, she began to realize the power Physio-Neuro Therapy had to impact her daughter’s academic progress. PNT gave her the tools to not only to help Amberly succeed in the classroom but also to help all of her other children thrive academically. Having experienced sustained academic growth, Amberly’s belief in her own abilities has skyrocketed and she feels very confident in her scholastic abilities.

“Thanks to Learning Technics, Amberly no longer shies away from academic challenges. Instead, she faces them head-on. Not only has she learned to be a solid student but for the first time in her life, she’s excited to go to school each day! This process has made a wonderfully impact on all of our lives”


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  • Zoey


    Improved 2 grade levels in
    reading comprehension.

  • Cayson


    Improved 2 grade levels in
    reading & reading comprehension

  • Kj


    Improved 1.5 levels in reading,
    and 50% in math comprehension.

  • Amberly


    Improved 2 grade
    levels in spelling

  • Ethan


    Improved grades to A's and B's in
    just six months

  • Chloe


    Gained 2 grade levels in reading,
    dramatically improved handwriting

  • Zuriann

    Zuri Ann

    Improved 2 levels in reading in
    only 6 months

  • Peterson


    Gained 2 levels in reading comprehension,
    and improved handwriting dramatically