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Students Before Learning Technics: Struggle to stay on task, low reading comprehension, overwhelmed by how difficult it is to learn, and parents feel discouraged.
Students After Learning Technics: Learning is exciting, they feel confident in themselves, progress is clear, and parents have a true roadmap for success.

If your child...

Is diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Processing Disorders, or any other learning disability.
Requires more effort learning than others seem to use.
Has shown low to no improvement while using resource/learning centers.
Displays below average performance in some areas.
Experiences high levels of frustration when learning new material.

If you answer yes to any of these, Learning Technics can help.

How it works

The brain is plastic and can be molded. It can be trained to grow like a muscle. Learning Technics provides physical and mental activities designed to strengthen weak processes.
We call this Physio-Neuro Therapy.

Here's an example:

Watch this video

Follow these steps

How to do it:

  • Hold the pencils as described above and set the timer for 10 seconds.
  • Looking from one sticker to the other is considered one pass
  • If the student is below the age of 12, the goal is to have 18-19 smooth, rhythmic passes
  • If the student is 12 years or older, the goal is to have 22-23 (no more) smooth, rhythmic passes
  • Watch the student's eyes carefully for tracking difficulties such as:
  • Eyes dipping: Eyes make a smiley face motion
  • Undershooting: Eyes stop or pause briefly before they reach the sticker on one or both sides
  • Overshooting: Eyes go past their target (the sticker) and come back to correct
  • Hesitations: Eyes are jumpy and do not glide smoothly from one side to the other

Your goal? Mastery.

You continue to practice this same exercise everyday until specific requirements are met. For this activity, the masteries are:

  • Focus: The student can easily keep eyes firmly fixed on each sticker while tracking from pencil to pencil.
  • Cross-Pattern: The student can easily track across the vertical midline.
  • Tracking: The student can accurately move eyes from sticker to sticker without dipping, overshooting or hesitations.
  • Size: The student can easily move eyes from pencil to pencil with an even rhythm for 10 secs.

Other exercises?

There are over 100 exercises. Each exercise is designed to strengthen specific processes in the brain. Every exercise is a little more complex than the last. Students find as these exercises get easier, so too does their school work.

We are very grateful to Learning Technics for the help that they have given our family. I would strongly recommend this program to anybody.

Nicole Testimonial
- Nicole

Easy to do

We make it easy for you to know every step in the program. If you ever do get stuck, we provide a student success guide to help you along the way.

Fun and engaging

This program isn't more "homework". Most students are relieved to find that our therapy is closer to games and puzzles than it is to traditional school work.

Permanent results

When you graduate the program your progress doesn't slip away. Students brains have developed new and lasting pathways that allow them to continue learning far into the future.

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Everything you need

  • Do it anywhere. Everything is online. All you need is the internet.
  • Student success guide. Your own personal mentor to help you through the program.
  • Digital library. Get access to all of our videos, PDFs and more.

Pricing plans for families of all sizes

Choose an affordable plan that’s packed with everything you need to make learning easier.

Payment frequency

Monthly Subscription

$100 /month

Full access as long as you're subscribed. Most students graduate in 6 to 9 months.

  • Up to 1 student
  • Cancel anytime (no hidden fees).
  • User progress tracking
  • Student success guide
  • Does NOT include materials kit
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Lifetime Access

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One up front payment and you have full access forever.

  • Up to 1 student
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  • Zoey


    Improved 2 grade levels in
    reading comprehension.

  • Cayson


    Improved 2 grade levels in
    reading & reading comprehension

  • Kj


    Improved 1.5 levels in reading,
    and 50% in math comprehension.

  • Amberly


    Improved 2 grade
    levels in spelling

  • Ethan


    Improved grades to A's and B's in
    just six months

  • Chloe


    Gained 2 grade levels in reading,
    dramatically improved handwriting

  • Zuriann

    Zuri Ann

    Improved 2 levels in reading in
    only 6 months

  • Peterson


    Gained 2 levels in reading comprehension,
    and improved handwriting dramatically

What people are saying about us on Google

I love Learning Technics! This program uses exercises to get the left and right side of the brain working together. It opens up the world of reading, coordination, an, “I can” attitude, and can change a child’s school failures into successes. I just listened to a young man read who was completely unable to a year ago. After teaching 26 years, this gives me hope that children ‘s lives can be changed for the better. It takes a lot of work and commitment. I highly recommend this program. Yvonne Harris Retired Teacher, Professional Reading Tutor.

Yvonne Harris
Yvonne Harris

5 out of 5 stars

We loved our time at Learning Technics. Every teacher we experienced was patient, knowledgeable and focused on my child. I am grateful for the skills it built for my then, 10-11 year old son.

Jamie Garrett
Jamie Garrett

5 out of 5 stars

We enrolled our 11 yr old son due to his low scores in school - Learning Technics did an AMAZING job for him and our family. We put in the time and effort and it was 100% ALL worth it. My son now excels in all of his classes, the confidence he once had is BACK and the determination to be better in his eyes is so great to see. Now if he seems to struggle, we talk about looking into our tools we learned from Learning Technics to see if they will help on what he is currently working on to help him. If you are questioning the process - DON't !! IT REALLY WORKS! I was very impressed and would do it all over again! We looked around and so glad we found Learning Technics.

Valarie Trujillo
Valarie Trujillo

5 out of 5 stars

My daughter was in desperate need of help with her ability to learn. I was so grateful that we found this program for her as we had tried everything else! She went from struggling to focus on words on page while reading to reading all the time after going through this program!! Her ability to learn and retain new information is right on target now. She was 13 when we started and had a lot to catch up on but Learning Technics made it possible! If you are considering this program-don't wait! The sooner you start the less behind your child will be. I actually loved the program so much that I joined on as a teacher so I could help other kids gain the same ability to learn AND the confidence in themselves at school again. That gift happened for my daughter and I want that for your child too! I can't recommend this program enough!

Taryn Baron
Taryn Baron

5 out of 5 stars

We signed up for Learning Technics as a last ditch effort. My son was in the second half of second grade and was MAYBE reading at beginning 1st grade level. Maybe. He was finally accepted to have an IEP, we had a reading tutor and we were doing all we could at home. Most of that ended in tears. We just didn't know what else to do, but I knew there was something. It was actually his reading tutor that turned us to LT as hee grandson had finished the program a couple years earlier. We began in Feburay of 2022. We worked hard all the way through summer and some into 3rd grade. And it is work, it's a commitment! For the student and the parent! It's sometimes a fight, but it's worth it! Beginning in 3rd grade in the library test he was a 1.3-1.8 level according to the school. Fast forward to December and they do another one and is at 2.3-2.8! He is almost on grade level now. Last night he read a book to me with ease and minimal mistakes. My momma heart was so happy! Learning Tecnics turned things around for us! I loved it so much, I became a trainer too so I can help many more kids!

Heather Ayres
Heather Ayres

5 out of 5 stars

They changed my son’s life!! He does so much better in school now- the transformation has been incredible!!

Denise Richards
Denise Richards

5 out of 5 stars

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