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Founders of Learning Technics: John Heath and Sally Higley

How a Personal Journey Ended Up Changing the World

Thirty years ago, John Heath and Sally Higley, founders of Learning Technics, were parents struggling to find an answer to a very important question: why were their bright and eager children struggling to learn? Like so many other parents, they had a child that was struggling to learn in a traditional setting. They both knew the school system and tutors simply weren’t enough, but what could they do? Their children needed a different approach to learning and education and they were determined to find the answer. Little did they know their journey would last 30 years and lead to the birth of Learning Technics.

As John and Sally sought innovative ways to teach their children, they began to study and test the latest neuro-scientific research from dozens of academic disciplines. With the assistance of a program board consisting of MDs, PhDs, and occupational therapists, they created Physio-Neuro Therapy—a multi-sensory program designed to permanently correct learning struggles and help students lead successful academic and professional lives.

What started as a personal journey for their two children and their respective families has transformed the lives of students around the world, creating a permanent solution that treats the root of the learning problems, providing results that last a lifetime.

The Creation of Physio-Neuro Therapy

Within a mere five years after inception, Learning Technics was light years ahead of any other educational institution. The Learning Technics program is built on the foundation of mind-body movements, which scientists and neuro-researchers correlate with the neurocircuitry involved in learning. The mind-body interactions implemented in Learning Technics’ program were essentially jump-starting the brain to develop important neurological skills that students could use in their day-to-day academics and life.

Although, the program had demonstrated its effectiveness in both public and private settings, as of 1994 the teachers and administrators of Learning Technics had yet to give an official name to their therapy. John felt their important discovery warranted a name, so they settled with Physio-Neuro Therapy (PNT), and thus a new and exciting era in education was born.

A Successful Detour into Public Education - Project Intercept

A year after the founding of Learning Technics, Superintendent Charles Eberhard of the Moccasin-Fredonia, AZ School District, approached John with an interest in implementing Learning Technics’ innovative techniques in their school system. An experienced educator, he knew there had to be a better way to reach these students. Learning Technics agreed to teach five students and, based on the results, the Fredonia-Moccasin School District would consider implementing the program district wide.

After just a few months of using Learning Technics’ program, these initial five students demonstrated significant improvements in reading, spelling, and math. Charles Eberhard grasped the potential Learning Technics held for his underperforming students and the program was implemented throughout the district. The Intercept Physio-Neuro Therapy program has achieved success in school districts throughout the Western United States and beyond. Today, thousands of students from 20 school districts, across seven states, have benefited from the groundbreaking Physio-Neuro Therapy classes.

The Evolution of Learning Technics - Onsite Clinics

Learning Technics has developed into a world-recognized educational program, designed to help children who struggle with learning. Even when a child qualifies for special programs specifically geared towards working with learning disabled students (such as resource or IEP’s), the results are often minimal at best. Unfortunately, learning disabilities can’t be adequately addressed or resolved in the classroom or through the use of these special programs. They can’t be remedied with tutors or by after-school learning centers, such as Sylvan or Oxford. Why? Because these other programs typically only treat the symptoms of learning disabilities and not the root cause of the problem.

At our clinics, our approach goes beyond short-term solutions by focusing on developing the student’s underlying skills and abilities. We’ve developed over 100 Physio-Neuro Therapy exercises to address specific processing problems. The PNT exercises we use combine both mental and physical multi-sensory exercises. Each exercise is arranged in a progressive step-by-step pattern, and each step is customized for the individual student.

At Learning Technics onsite clinics, we leverage the proven techniques of PNT to help your child overcome their learning disabilities for the long term. Through the guidance of our experienced trainers, participants work through their exercises in a fun and enjoyable learning environment. This one-on-one attention and individualized approach, coupled with weekly sessions, makes our in-office program the most popular approach sought out by parents who want to achieve permanent results for their child.

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