Cayson came to Learning Technics exhibiting signs of dyslexia and struggling with attention/focus, reading, and self-confidence.

In just 6 months Cayson gained 2 grade levels in reading, reading comprehension, and improved dramatically spelling and math.

Through the process of Physio-Neuro Therapy (PNT), Cayson learned how to focus in an academic setting. The PNT exercises, while challenging, began to work Cayson’s brain in an entirely new way that finally impacted his academics in a positive manner. Before starting at Learning Technics, Cayson’s instructors conducted an evaluation to identify his academic weaknesses and created a custom tailored approach to turn his teaching into learning. As Cayson began his Physio-Neuro Therapy, his improvements were almost immediate. His parents and teachers noticed dramatic improvements with his reading comprehension, spelling and listening skills. Most importantly, PNT gave Cayson the tools to catch up to his classmates, improving his self-confidence and focus. Today, Cayson is not only on grade level but he is once again is excited to learn! PNT provided his family with the tools to empower Cayson to thrive academically long into the future.

young happy student with soccer shirt

“Learning Technics was geared to fit Cayson’s specific needs. His instructor identified his weaknesses and turned them into strengths. The results were immediate! Even his teachers noticed an immediate improvement.”

Cayson’s Mother