How Technology Assists Many Kids With Dyslexia

technology assists kids dyslexia
Modern-day technology is often put to great use in ways that make life easier for different groups of people, and children who manage dyslexia are no exception. Cutting-edge technology can be used in several ways to benefit those with dyslexia and make things a bit simpler for them, and knowing about these options is valuable for parents of such children.

At Learning Technics, not only is our physio-neuro therapy solution for dyslexia treatment a form of technology on its own, we're also happy to provide assistance to parents and children alike when discussing other types of technology that may be beneficial for managing this condition. What are some of the top forms of technology out today that often assist those in this position? Here are several.

Audio Recording Technology

One form of technology that's actually not new at all, and has been aiding many kids and even older students with various learning disabilities for decades, is audio recording technology. Through an audio recorder or even simply a voice memo app on a smartphone, one can record lectures and classes for review later, which can be especially helpful for those with dyslexia who sometimes have difficulty taking notes in a timely manner.

Rather than trying to rush through physical note-taking or typing, both of which can quickly overwhelm some people with dyslexia who may struggle to keep up, audio recording can make those lectures much easier to review and better comprehend.

Text-to-Speech Technology

Another form of technology that's been around for quite some time is text-to-speech technology, which can be highly beneficial for students with dyslexia who sometimes have difficulty reading text aloud. With text-to-speech, the text can be read back to them in a computerized voice and thus make comprehending it much easier.

This technology is available on devices such as computers and smartphones, and many web browsers even come with this functionality built into them. Text-to-speech can also be used in combination with other technologies such as software that highlights words as they're read, aiding in comprehension and helping those with dyslexia better understand and process the text.

For younger children, examples like audiobooks and videos can help break down a book or text into easier-to-understand chunks and may provide better results than trying to have them read it themselves.

Optical Character Recognition

For people with dyslexia, things like visuals, graphics and diagrams can sometimes be a challenge. For starters, this technology works with on-screen graphics to make them easier to understand. But it doesn't stop there. Optical character recognition (OCR) technology can also scan printed text and then convert it into an editable format like a Word document, allowing those with dyslexia to easily look up or review words without having to manually type them out.

And similarly, OCR technology can even take pictures of items or graphics, then convert them into an audible format that's read out to them to help describe the image. This can be especially helpful for students with dyslexia who may have difficulty understanding written descriptions of visual items or graphics.

Display Controls for Devices

Fonts and colors are also important themes for many people with dyslexia. This is why display control technology on our devices and computers can be so helpful for them. With this, one can customize fonts on their device to make them easier to read, and even adjust the contrast of the screen itself to provide a better viewing experience for those who may struggle to focus on what's ahead.

For kids with dyslexia, for instance, a tablet that's used for reading can be fitted with display control technology that makes the text appear in a font and color combination they find easier to read, making the reading process much more enjoyable.

Technology offers many advantages for those living with dyslexia, and these are just some of the different platforms available. By utilizing modern-day tech, people with dyslexia can achieve more and make life a bit easier for them. With the right technology, they can overcome any obstacles placed in their path and keep going strong.

And at Learning Technics, we're here to help with this and many related topics. For parents of kids with dyslexia, we provide the necessary resources and information to help you get your child on a positive path towards success. Contact us today to learn more about how technology can benefit your child with dyslexia.