Physio-Neuro Therapy for ADD & ADHD


What is ADHD?

ADD/ADHD is a mental disorder characterized by focus, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness problems. People with ADD/ADHD often have difficulty paying attention, sitting still, and controlling their impulses. This can lead to problems in school, work, and social situations.

There is no single cause of ADD/ADHD, but it is thought to be caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Treatment for ADD/ADHD often includes medication, counseling, and behavioral therapy.

ADD/ADHD is one of the most common mental disorders in children and adults. It is estimated that 9.4% of children aged 2-17 have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD in the United States.

There are three subtypes of ADD/ADHD:

  • Inattentive type: People with the inattentive type have difficulty paying attention and are often easily distracted
  • Hyperactive-impulsive type: People with the hyperactive-impulsive type are often overly active and impulsive.
  • Combined type: People with the combined type have symptoms of both the inattentive and hyperactive-impulsive types.
ADD/ADHD can be a complex disorder to live with. But treatment can help people manage their symptoms. If you think your child may have ADD/ADHD, we can help!

Common ADHD / ADD Symptoms

It's not always easy to tell if someone has ADD or ADHD. Symptoms can vary from person to person and may not be evident at first glance. That said, some common symptoms are associated with ADD and ADHD.

Suppose you or someone you know is experiencing any of the following symptoms. In that case, it may be worth scheduling an evaluation with one of our learning experts about the possibility of ADD or ADHD.

  • Inattention: Difficulty sustaining focus on one task or activity; easily distracted
  • Hyperactivity: Feeling restless or fidgety; difficulty sitting still for long periods
  • Impulsivity: Acting without thinking; acting on urges without considering the consequences
If your child or someone you know displays any of these symptoms, please don't hesitate to contact us for help. ADD/ADHD can be effectively managed with the help of a Learning Technics professional. People with ADD or ADHD can lead happy and successful lives with treatment.

How Learning Technics Can Help Symptoms of ADHD / ADD

Most people are familiar with ADD/ADHD, but many don't realize that effective treatments are available. Early intervention is critical for children with ADD/ADHD, as they can face significant challenges in school and social situations if left untreated.

At Learning Technics, we have been effectively treating these symptoms for over 30 years. Physio-neuro therapy is a tried-and-true treatment based on the principle of neuro plasticity. By utilizing our multi-sensory processes, we can stimulate neurological growth to help improve focus and attention and reduce hyperactivity and impulsivity.

Our physio-neuro therapy program provides a holistic approach to treating ADD/ADHD, including physical and mental components.

  • The physical component of our program focuses on multi-sensory exercises that help improve concentration and focus. These exercises can be done at home or in the office and are tailored specifically to each individual.
  • The mental component of our program teaches behavioral modification techniques that can be used in everyday situations. This includes staying organized, managing time effectively, and reducing stress. We also work on developing coping mechanisms for dealing with difficult situations.

Improve your quality of life with our physio-neuro therapy services

Our physio-neuro therapists are highly trained and experienced in working with patients of all ages. We develop a customized treatment plan based on individuals' needs and goals.

Our physio-neuro therapy sessions are either one-on-one in person or they can also be done virtually via video conferencing. You also have the option of our self-guided program, IQ Express. In either case the exercises are customized to each child's individual needs and you will be guided through the process hand in hand. This approach can lead to long-term results at home and school.

Our personalized sessions are designed to teach patients 20 different Life Management Concepts. These concepts can help improve daily skills and academic success. As students continue to receive treatment, they may find that these concepts start to impact their everyday life positively.