Study 1: AZ School Study (1990-1998)

Participants Exhibit Remarkable Improvement in Math and Reading

Learning Technics Intercept Program

In 1989, the initial AZ Intercept pilot program started using two small groups of children. The students in the program received twenty minutes of one-on-one training, four times a week from a Learning Technics trained teacher’s aid. One group of students received PNT, and the control group did not. After only three months, the students receiving PNT were improving at a rapid pace.

By 1991, the AZ program had sixty-one students participate in the program. All of the children participating in the study were in the bottom 20% of their class and struggling year after year, accounting for 3% of the total students in the school district. After Physio-Neuro Therapy, a sample of that 3% accounted for 22% of all the honor students in the district!

After completing PNT, all of the AZ students have continued to improve year after year. Less than 4% of the study participants have required any additional remedial or resource help. These sustained long-term results are quantifiable proof that the ability to learn can be permanently changed though PNT.

After eleven years, the program’s administrator told Learning Technics that the Intercept program had dramatically reduced the size of the resource program in their school. Many of their students who had previously struggled to pass had become successful through the use of PNT. They also continued to improve year after year without additional help.

Study 2: Learning Technics’ Research Project (1993-2001)

 8 year Study Shows Amazing Academic Gains in Math, Spelling and Reading

Learning Technics Private School Program

Learning Technics’ private school was opened as an educational research center where PNT could be examined in a controlled environment.

Approximately 51 students were enrolled in the school. Prior to the Research Project, these students were all several years behind their peers in school and lacking self-confidence. PNT provided the tools they needed to thrive. On average, students gained two academic years in as little as six months time and all of the participants were able to return to traditional schools.

Study 3: Morgan Elementary/Delta South Elementary Research Study

Rapid Results in Reading and Math


The purpose of the Morgan Elementary study was to determine if the Intercept Program could significantly improve a struggling student’s ability to turn teaching into learning.

Like with our initial Intercept pilot program, two groups of children were selected to participate in the study. The first 45 students were selected from Morgan Elementary and would receive PNT. The control group included 45 students from Delta South Elementary.

 The grade equivalent results for the control group and experimental group are undeniable. The experimental group from Morgan Elementary who received PNT showed significant improvements in Reading Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, and Math Procedures. However, there was little gain for the experimental group pertaining to Math Problem Solving. The overall results were quite remarkable for the experimental group with an average grade equivalent gain of l.6 years.

Study 4: Highland Elementary

A significant improvement in reading & math skills!

Highland School Study

The purpose of this study was to determine if the application of new brain research using the Intercept program could significantly improve struggling students’ ability to turn teaching into learning.

Fifteen students were selected, all of whom were two or more years behind in one or more academic subject. The students were tested before the study and at its conclusion. Throughout the study, the Learning Technics Intercept staff trained school personnel. The first phase of the study took place over the course of one school year.

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