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How Learning Technics Can Help

Learning Technics Can Help with Memory Challenges

The brain is like a muscle. When you need to strengthen a muscle, you must complete exercises that require the muscle to work harder than it has in the past. As the muscle works harder, strain occurs. The body’s natural response to this stress is to develop additional muscle tissue that will accommodate the strain, making it possible for the muscle to do things that it previously could not do. Our brain develops similarly. Physio-Neuro Therapy (PNT) works by building neurological brain tissue in areas where inadequate growth has occurred.

Physio-Neuro Therapy instructs using the mechanics the brain employs to turn teaching into learning. It retrains the brain to process information using more efficient pathways and controls the perceptual factors to make learning easier and faster. As the brain continues to develop, old neural pathways are replaced with new efficient pathways.

The brain actually grows new neurological circuits, literally rewiring your brain! This process is called neuroplasticity and it helps to eliminate short-term memory deficiencies for long term results.

These new neurological circuits improve the way a student receives, processes, stores and retrieves information, enabling the student to learn more effectively. There is no longer a need for your child to struggle academically or to simply “get by.” With Physio-Neuro Therapy your child can overcome these deficiencies and thrive! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your child on their journey to academic success.

What You Need to Know

What You Need to Know About Struggling with Memory

  • Memory works by storing ideas and concepts in the different parts of the brain. Short-term memory, plays an essential role in the ability to retain information and academic success.
  • For memory to work, there needs to be effective communication between both sides of your brain. When one of those areas is underdeveloped, a child will have a difficult time recalling what they have learned and experienced.
  • Students suffering with short-term memory deficiencies will often struggle academically, as they have difficulty retaining the information they have learned.
  • For children who struggle with exams and testing, it’s not a matter of intelligence; they simply haven’t developed the circuitry necessary to store information accurately.
  • No amount of tutoring or resource can fix a child’s problem with short-term memory. In order to correct the problem, you must strengthen the brain circuitry where inadequate growth has occurred.
  • Physio-Neuro Therapy promotes neuroplasticity, helping the brain to grow neurological circuits, literally rewiring the brain to eliminate the memory deficiencies, with long-term results.
A New Approach with PNT

A New Approach with Physio-Neuro Therapy

Are you a concerned parent who has a child that struggles academically? Do you study with your child only to find that they do not retain or remember the information when it comes time to take their test? Perhaps you have a child in resource, tutoring, registered at a traditional after-school learning center, or using medication to help them succeed in school? You are not alone.

“Resource” is the generally accepted option offered by the public school system to deal with students who appear to have challenges with reading or memory. Some of the most dedicated and talented teachers in the public schools teach these challenging, bright, but often frustrated kids. However, most schools are overcrowded and must devote their limited resources to teaching the masses in their classrooms. Their teachers must focus on “teaching techniques” rather than understanding why some students have difficulty recalling the information they have learned.

In schools, students that severely underperform on tests are normally placed in special programs, such as resource or an IEP (individualized education program). While these programs appear helpful at first glance, they place very limited expectations on the student’s ability to overcome and thrive academically. For example, if a student has a difficult time memorizing a spelling list, they are often given easier words, more time on tests, or less words.

What you need to understand is that these options only treat the symptoms of a learning problem. Not to mention that these methods often add to your child’s frustration and simply won’t help them overcome their learning difficulties. To help your child succeed academically, you must first indentify the underlying problem causing poor test taking or poor memorization skills. Only then can you begin to properly correct these issues.

Students are taught how to live with their memory deficiency, but little (if anything) is done to help them correct the problem. Schools offer even less assistance for students with moderate learning problems. These students often fall between the cracks and are just told to try harder. These programs help a struggling child to simply get by. They do not help the student overcome their learning problems to thrive. Physio-Neuro Therapy offers a new approach which assists the students in overcoming these memory problems once and for all.

Right / Left Brain Communication

Right / Left Brain Communication

Memory works by storing ideas and concepts in several different places. For example, what you hear and what you see are stored in different centers of your brain. For your memory to work, there needs to be effective communication between both sides of the brain. When one of these areas is underdeveloped, a child will have difficulty recalling and retaining the information presented by a teacher or instructor. This lack of neurological development is often manifested in the inability to remember math facts or verbal instructions.

The corpus callosum connects the brain’s right and left hemispheres. When we read, the left brain decodes words and the right brain puts these words together into a complete thought or mental picture to help us comprehend what we’ve read. A student with poor cross patterning may be able to decodewords, but they may not comprehend the meaning or vice versa.

Students with poor cross patterning (left brain/right brain communication) often experience difficulty with poor short-term memory since information stored in different parts of the brain must merge for accurate recall. Many parents have experienced studying an inordinate amount of time with their child before a spelling test. Their child seems to know the spelling words, but frustratingly, they come home the next day with poor marks on the spelling test. This type of problem occurs when different areas of the brain are unable to readily communicate.

No amount of tutoring or resource can fix the problem of poor short-term memory. This neurological problem is not an indicator of a child’s overall intelligence. Individuals who struggle with exams and testing simply haven’t developed the circuitry necessary to efficiently store and retrieve information. If this underlying problem is not addressed, the child will continue to struggle throughout their academic experience and even into adulthood.

Right / Left Brain Communication Evaluation

  • Stand in front of the person helping you. March in place, raising your right hand as your left foot rises from the floor and vice versa. (See the diagram.)
  • If you can easily march in this manner, have your helper ask three questions that you can answer easily.
  • The three questions asked should become progressively more complicated. Attempt to continue marching as you answer these questions.

Eighty-five percent of people whose march is labored or who cannot complete the exercise while answering the questions will have difficulty remembering information 24 to 36 hours after receiving it.

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